Yesterday I spent seven hours volunteering right after going to Chinese School to help my mom sell food for the PTA, which pretty much meant that I didn’t meet the objectives I wanted to, homework wise (starting my personal essay, annotating some short stories, doing some Gov notes, etc, etc). However, I didn’t really mind volunteering for such a long chunk of time, since the work was relatively easy/ fun, and I got to tear people’s ticket stubs, which faintly reminded me of my time in stage crew last year. That and I got a lot of free samosas, too.

One of my few regrets regarding high school has been that I haven’t volunteered nearly as much as I would like to. Generally, I don’t have enough time to volunteer, and while I suppose I could always make the time, with the crazy amount of activity that seems omnipresent in my life, I often find that I really don’t have much time to volunteer, which is a shame. Hopefully I can volunteer more once the SAT is over, and after college applications are done, since most of my experiences have been genuinely enjoyable.

Also, if you zoom in on the bottom-most picture, you can peep my face in the picture.

Despite how amazingly epic, fun, loud, and stimulating today was, I still feel like one of my favorite moments was driving home, snuggled against your shoulder.

I am a girl lost at sea, and I never want to find the shore.

Our bodies could be skin on skin and I’d still pull you closer.

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Anonymous asked: sideways rain: //// regular rain: llll

As long as my face isn’t being pelted by sideways rain, I’m fine with it. 

Anonymous asked: what are your feelings about sideways rain?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this anon, can you please clarify? :)

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On another note

My homework might not be done, but I am actually writing again?!

A Short Origin Story

The original name of my blog was nightskyrevelations, for two reasons. One, at the time, all of my blogs had astrological or celestial references (the other two still do), and I wanted a form of symmetry, so to speak, in their titles. This was further influence by the fact that my favorite song is called “Starlight” and is from the Muse album Black Holes and Revelations (hence the revelations). The second factor in my choice was the fact that I did literally have a night sky revelation; one night in the middle of tenth grade, I stayed in the car while my parents went to Costco, and while I was lying across the backseat, I suddenly realized how much I loved writing (probably catalyzed by Creger’s Creed Project), and how cool it would be to bring my love to American High School. By the end of the night, I had conceived the idea of a writing club, and a poetry slam as one of its events.

Whether it was a stroke of genius or a sleep deprived induce thought, now, I’m really glad that I didn’t go to Costco with my parents that night.

Anonymous asked: hey while i'm happy that you're being ambitious, please remember your self care. treat yourself as a reward for working so hard, okay? bye lol

Thanks for making sure I stay healthy, anon :’) And no worries, right now I’m watching TV with my parents and pretty much chilling; I’m always sure to take ample breaks lol.